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I have high standards when it comes to travel!

I have high standards when it comes to travel! Tours, hotels, guides and meals must be exceptional!!! Anasia exceeds their clientele’s standards. Anasia Travel will even handle the Visa paperwork request for you! You simply arrive to the airport with your documentation, pay the stamping fee and zoom through Immigration while others are waiting in line. This is the second trip I’ve booked through Anasia Travel. Last year, they booked my tours in Hanoi and this year, it was Ho Chi Minh City. Let me tell you, Anasia Travel scored a perfect 10 on planning my tours and meals!!! If you are traveling anywhere in Vietnam, I highly recommend you use this travel agency. Anasia provides personalized tours based on your preferences and budget. I travel a lot in this region. I love food as much as touring. The meals offered with your visit is some of the BEST food I’ve eaten in the Asia-Pacific Region. The English speaking guides are professional, polite and extremely knowledgeable of the area. For Ho Chi Minh City, I loved Mr. Coung, Mr. Minh and Lindsey. They were my “family” during this Christmas visit. We toured major historical and cultural sites to include the Reunification Palace, crawled through the Chu Chi Tunnels, attended a Water Puppet Show and enjoyed a Christmas Dinner Cruise! I enjoyed every activity the agency planned for me. Anasia Travel is one of the BEST travel agencies I’ve worked with for private tours and guides. Folks, private tours and guides are the way to go when it comes to travel. You can do as much or little as you desire. Anasia is currently planning my 3rd trip to Vietnam. A train ride through Northern Vietnam! I’m so excited. Contact Anasia now to book your next trip to Vietnam!

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